A visit to the Mount Alban fort

Take advantage of your stay at our luxury hotel to dive into the rich history of Nice. With a trip to the Mount Alban fort, you will discover the military past of Nice, when the city was fortified to defend itself against its neighbours’ attacks. Being an important port, Nice was indeed a target of choice as soon as in the XVIth century, when the fort was built to reinforce the city’s defenses. The fort’s star shape shows how much progress the artillery had done at the time. Its name, « Mont-Alban », would come from the whiteness of the limestone on which the site is built.

The history of the fort and of Nice are tightly linked to one another as Mount Alban was occupied by the city’s successive rulers. It even hosted a transmission centre from the German army during the Second World War. Listed today as a historical monument, the fort offers a superb view over the Mediterranean Sea.

After your day of visit, you will be enjoying a restful time at the prestigious Palais de la Méditerranée.