European Masters Games 2015 in Nice

From Thursday, October 1 2015 to Saturday, October 10 2015

Major multi-sport competition.

Last September, the IMGA (International Masters Games Association) designated the city of Nice as host of the 2015 European Masters Games.

This major multi-sport competition annually attracts more than 5000 athletes called "veterans" from all over the world. The last event was held in Lignano in Italy last September. 2015 provides an opportunity for all participants to choose from among the 24 proposed disciplines held in 15 different sites.

The city of Nice no longer has to prove its expertise in terms of accommodating and organising major sports events. The city has already successfully hosted the Louis Vuitton Trophy in 2009, the return of the NCA Tennis Open in 2010, the Deccan and the Extreme Sailing Series held in September 2011, the Tour de France and the Francophonie Games in 2013, the 2016 Euro Cup in Football due to be held in Nice Stadium and so on.