Matisse Museum, visit

All year long

A fine building for Matisse!

Built in 1963, the Matisse Museum was renovated at the end of the 1980s and reopened its doors in 1993.
The museum boasts a fine collection of more than 230 drawings by Matisse, over 60 paintings and "gouaches découpées" (paper cut-outs), as well as many other objects that belonged to the artist.

Henri Matisse lived in Nice from 1917 to 1954 and donated a significant part of his œuvre to the museum. The institution organises regular temporary exhibitions exploring various themes, and it also puts on a programme of lectures and screenings of films relevant to Matisse and his work.

Practical information

All year long :
- From Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 to 18:00

Admission prices :
- Free

Closed on 1 January, 4 April, 13 April, 1 May, 8 May, 1 June, 23 May, 21 May, 14 July, 15 August, 1 November, 11 November and 25 December